“The Balcony Podcast is a definite recommend, I’ll most certainly be tuning in again”

– Stereo Stickman


The Balcony Show is a platform for independent artists to tell their stories and get their music heard. Beginning in 2015 the show now has over a quarter million listeners each month and a growing impact on the independent music scene worldwide.


Ann Thatcher

Ann Thatcher, owner and host of the show, has a keen sense of humor, and a way of finding the best music in the independent world. After years of working as a Senior Correctional Officer now retired, independent music has become her passion. She has won The Lehigh Valley Music Award for “Best Music Supporter” (Industry) two years in a row and continues to support independent artists every day.

Mark MADCAT Capone

Mark MADCAT Capone is a native of Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. He’s had a long life of artistic expression in some form or another. After many years of being a theater rat, he made the jump to film and TV in small and extra roles in shows like “OZ” on HBO, and the CBS show “Now and Again.” Now a freelance photographer the MADCAT is bringing his talents to the show as a host.

MADCAT Madtrax
Bo Sommer

Bo Sommer started her music industry career at Polygram Records in the early 1990s. Her 15+ years included working at Polygram and Elektra Records as well as some smaller labels under Time Warner, EastWest, and Atco Records. Her experienceincludes publicity, production, legal, and radio promotion. She worked extensively in radio promotion with world-renowned artists like Metalica, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, Missy Eliott, Motley Crue, AC/DC, and so many more. Bo is eager to share her experiences and knowledge to help you navigate the business side of music.

Indie Radar with Bo Summer

Donna Gallucci

Donna Gallucci is a lifelong music enthusiast and lover of live music. Her passion began while she was a young girl growing up in Brooklyn, New York, when her life changed the moment the needle hit the vinyl of her
”Meet The Beatles” album. She developed an appreciation for not only the music, but also for the artists who work tirelessly at their craft. Donna’s admiration for musicians on a personal level and awareness for how music connects people did not go unnoticed. In 2015 she was asked to interview drummer/vocalist Deen Castronovo of Revolution Saints, and best known for being a member of Journey and Bad English. This experience planted the seed for what she hoped would be future opportunities in this field. Nowadays you can find Donna frequenting the live music scene in the Poconos and surrounding areas. She is very excited to bring attention to local musicians by being a part of The Balcony Show!

Spotlight with Donna Gallucci